La Miguela Holdings Limited is a company registered in Kenya under the Companies Act, Cap 486, Laws of Kenya.


We are always there to promote safety in the community.

About Us

To be a leading safety solution provider in Kenya, a close partner of national and county governments and other stakeholders in development and management of safety training programmes.

The company boasts of a team of dedicated professionals and employees in Fire and Medical Safety whose loads
of experience ensures that our products and services meet our customers' satisfaction. We ensure our services and products are of high quality and are delivered on time.

It is our goal to be the regional leader in safety training, sale of safety products and related safety equipment for homes, schools/institutions of higher learning, hospitals, offices and factories. We will accomplish this by introducing the latest technology and equipment in safety and fostering strong relationships with our customers by always exceeding their expectations.

The Elide fire Ball was invented by a Thai inventor Phanawatnan Kaimart in 1998 after he was horrified by a hotel fire in his hometown of Pattaya, Thailand, in 1997, where over 78 people lost their lives. He figured out that if there was some portable firefighting
agent that could automatically extinguish fire at its initial stage, when strategically placed in fire prone areas or at accessible points where anyone, without firefighting training or skills, could easily access and throw into the fire, then many fire disasters, that result into unfortunate loss of life and property, could be avoided. He came up with the self­ activating Elide Fire Ball which has won accolades and accreditation across the world

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the most innovative institutions in the world to ensure your safety in you work area or residence. Some of our parners include:

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